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When It Comes To Aerial Advertising, Rely On Internet Communication

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Here's the deal about aerial advertising: it's a novelty that lasts about as long as your standard tweet, if you're lucky. You have a very short period of time to make a point and a ham-fisted attempt will be seared into the memories of anyone who sees your advertisement. Consider these techniques currently employed by savvy Internet-users to make sure that your aerial advertising efforts are a success.

1. Consider Using Emoticons

While emojis are copyrighted by Apple, you can still create your own small images that are easy to interpret with the sweep of an eye. You might want to hire a graphic designer for this job because the small images that you use should evoke emotion without being terribly complicated. Even using a stylized smiley face can be more effective than several words when it comes to creating excitement. People have gotten used to emojis and stickers on Facebook. Utilize the familiarity of using small graphics to convey messages in your aerial advertisement.

2. Consider Memes

A meme is essentially an inside joke on the Internet. It is popular for only a brief period of time, but if you are able to create an aerial advertisement that captures the moment of the meme, you will be golden. A well-used meme can let Internet users between 16 and 24 know that your business is cool and worth seeking out. In order to make sure that you don't mess up using the meme, you need to check for popularity and time it exactly right.

First, look up popular memes on Google. Then, test to see if they are truly popular by checking to see the number of times people have searched for them based on Google's search analytics. Finally, decide if you think that the meme is going to be popular for long enough to launch your aerial advertisement. This is something like betting whether a stock will go up or down.

If you are worried about messing up your timing, consider using a meme that has been out of date for more than five years. This would be known as a classic meme and is funny simply because so many people know about it. It will also be effective.

3. Keep it Under 140 Characters

Make sure that your advertisement is no longer than a standard tweet. If you can get the advertisement significantly below 140 characters, then you know that it will be easy to understand.

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