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Focus On Content, Not Your Wordpress Website

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If you are a blogger, then you know how important fresh content is for drawing people to your website. Wordpress is a good platform because it let's you spend more time writing than doing administrative tasks. There are also a number of useful Wordpress plugins to make working with your website easier, so you can stay focused on your content creation. Here are a few of the must-have types of useful wordpress plugins for your website.

SEO Management

Working with the meta data for each post is time consuming, so one of the first plugins to consider is one that does the work for you. You'll spend some time initially configuring the plugin to create consistent SEO results for you, then you'll rarely touch it. As with all plugins, it's important to look for those that are being actively maintained by the author. This is especially important for SEO plugins to keep up with the changing SEO requirements of the Internet.

Cloud Backup

Your hosting provider likely backs up your Wordpress files on a regular basis. You need to have your own backup solution to keep up with your changing blog posts. Look for a plugin that allows you to schedule automatic backups to the cloud. Plugins are available that support all of the major cloud storage providers. For added protection, choose a plugin that backs up your website to a space on your hosting provider's server, then copies the backup files to the cloud. This way you have two copies of the backup.

Control Spam and Ad Comments

It can be a sign that you're gaining popularity when you start to see a lot of spam and ads in your comments. But it's time consuming to have to clean them out of your comment system. Several popular Wordpress plugins do this for you, filtering these annoying comments out for you to review and approve at your convenience.

Social Media Integration

Keep your social networking platforms and your Wordpress blog connected with little more effort than a click of the mouse. These plugins allow you to post a portion of your blog onto your social media sites just by checking a box. You configure how much of the blog gets posted on those sites and how the link back to your site should look. Drive more traffic to your site from social media easily.

Post from Anywhere

When a blog idea hits you in the auto repair waiting area, don't wait until you can get to a place to fire up your laptop. Plugins let you write a post on your smartphone or tablet and send it to your site where it automatically gets posted. You can specify the post to be published immediately, or keep it in a draft status until you can get to your laptop to refine the links and images.