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Three Reasons Why Every New Artist Needs To Be On A Truck Ad

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If you manage actors, musicians, and other types of performers, you should be looking for ways to market your clients. The more exposure your clients receive, the better. If your clients are not able to get as much recognition as you would like in your city, you should go bigger instead of doing lots of smaller legwork. Here are three reasons why your new artists and performers should be on mobile truck ads

You can fit several people at a time

Paying for a mobile ad for up and coming artists that are not yet raking in big dollars can be a budget stretcher. However, if every artist and your company only has to chip in a portion, the advertisement will be much more affordable. Have your artists take a new picture or use their best head shot. Combine the photos into a group photograph that can be placed on a billboard. Make sure that the name of the artist and their specialty is listed next to their picture. 

Your company can be the main headline

If you want to book bigger and better jobs for clients that you market, you will need to be more well known around the city. If you are able to get your artists on a truck ad, you should make sure that your company name is prominently displayed. This will provide information for those who may be interested in booking any of your artists or becoming an artist. This can also help boost your company to household name status, depending on how many truck mobile ads you invest in. Your company bringing in more working artist means more money and more to invest in future advertising and artist development. Be sure that your contact information is displayed at the top of the billboard so that you can be reached for bookings easily. 

Trucks make venue deliveries

If your artist is on the side of a truck that makes deliveries to venues or drives near venues, this could also help them get booked. For all artists, being able to be a featured performer or host at a specific venue will give them a chance to shine. It is important to advertise your clients in the right vicinity in order to jump start their careers. Trucks that make deliveries to night clubs, day lounges, hookah shops, and more are perfect for artists and models. Delivery trucks pull double duty in getting artists names out to the general public and finding new possible bookings for the group.