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How To Promote Your Charity Affordably With Postcards

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You have a charity and an upcoming event. The more people you can get to attend your function, the more awareness you can create for your charity and possibly raise even more money. Your budget isn't large for marketing, but you do have a small amount of money set aside to reach out to your local community.

Tried and true old-fashioned marketing techniques are often both effective and cost-effective. Here are ways you can affordably promote your charity so your function can be more successful.

Postcard mailings

Postcard mailings are on the of the most popular and effective forms of marketing. Postcard mailers, when they are vibrant in design, short with their descriptions, and gripping with verbiage, can be easily read by local recipients and help give your function more positive awareness.

Consider postcard mailers that use classic marketing colors such as red, yellow, and blue to create customer awareness and grab attention. A marketing company will help you design postcard mailers that are easy to read, use both the front and back sides easily, and get your message across to the local community in an effective way.

Personal invites

If you have a mailing list of past event attendees, consider creating a personal invite in the form of a postcard mailer to offer gratitude to past attendees' participation and to invite them to another function. A postcard mailer can be designed in a variety of ways, from invitations to coupons, so you can be creative in the way you use the small advertising space to make your non-profit charity stand out.

When designing postcard mailers and invitations, the key is to keep your message clear and put your charity name somewhere on the postcard where it can be seen quickly and registered with the recipient. You can get a marketing mailing list for people to send your mailers to from your marketing company, or you can use a personal mailing list you already have.

Postcard mailers and other forms of short marketing mailers come in a variety of colors and sizes. Your marketing expert will sit down with you and design a custom mailer that will be both attractive and personal to your charity's needs. The more mailers you need, the cheaper your marketing can be, so keep this in mind as you set down to make your community event known in your local sector. Your marketing expert will answer any questions you have about postcard marketing for non-profits and other types of marketing techniques.