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Why You Might Want To Use A Lead Service As A Real Estate Agent

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As a real estate agent, you likely take pride in forming a strong bond with your clients that can pay off in repeat business years into the future. The problem for some real estate agents though, is that this is how every other agent in the business operates as well. This means that it can sometimes be hard to find brand new clients because a lot of people want to stick with the real estate agent they already know. This is just one of multiple reasons why you might want to consider hiring a real estate agent lead service. Here's what a lead service or real estate agent advertising program can do for your business.

Everyone Starts Online Today

Decades ago, if you wanted to sell a house (or buy one), you would look in phone book for a real estate agent and give them a call. But today, almost all house transactions featuring first time buyers start online. Everyone has the Internet right on their phone, tablet, or computer, and finding a local real estate agent is as easy as typing in a few keywords. But unless you have a website that is super optimized for search engines, you might be missing out on at least some of the potential customers. A real estate agent lead service can help you connect with some of these potential clients that you otherwise would not find because they are doing their search entirely online.

Get Pre-Qualified Leads

Are you getting leads but then finding out that they are not of the quality you are hoping for? In other words, people with bad credit or who are "just looking" for yet another month with no commitment to move forward and buy? When you work with a real estate lead service, the service will work to try and pre-qualify at least some of their leads. This could mean the customer entered their budget or financial information or is looking for a specific kind of home in a specific location that is a perfect match for your agency. 

Keep Growing

Depending on your large roster of previous clients might work for you, but every agent goes through a dry spell where previous clients are content with their houses and might not be looking to move again for years. A lead or advertising service will help keep your agency on an upward trend, constantly introducing you to new potential clients, which can be beneficial in the long run even if the transaction doesn't close the first time around.

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