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How To Market Your Documentary

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Your documentary is more than just a film to you. You and your documentary production company will pour your hearts, souls, and lots of cash into getting it produced. How will you find your film an audience? There is no sure-fire route to success, but you can follow a well-thought out strategy to maximize your chances at achieving meaningful distribution. Pitch Early Experts recommend filming a pitch tape before you even start production of your film. Read More»

Unique Ways You Can Advertise Your Online Business Across Your State

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If you have a local online business, you’re only going to be as successful as how many customers you have. Being strictly online, it’s hard to attract people to your website because you don’t have a storefront for curious passersby to walk into. You advertise online to social media sites, but you are limited in this area as well because the people who are mainly going to see your posts are people who already follow your business or ‘like’ you on the sites you subscribe to. Read More»

3 Professional Ideas For Employee Gift Baskets

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If you are looking for a professional and classy type of gift to give to your top employees at your next business meeting, you could make each one a small gift basket containing essential office supplies they will love and treasure. Here are three ideas of items you could place in these gift baskets that your employees will truly appreciate. Name Plate The first item to consider giving each employee is a personalized name plate for their desks. Read More»

Focus On Content, Not Your Wordpress Website

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If you are a blogger, then you know how important fresh content is for drawing people to your website. Wordpress is a good platform because it let’s you spend more time writing than doing administrative tasks. There are also a number of useful Wordpress plugins to make working with your website easier, so you can stay focused on your content creation. Here are a few of the must-have types of useful wordpress plugins for your website. Read More»

When It Comes To Aerial Advertising, Rely On Internet Communication

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Here’s the deal about aerial advertising: it’s a novelty that lasts about as long as your standard tweet, if you’re lucky. You have a very short period of time to make a point and a ham-fisted attempt will be seared into the memories of anyone who sees your advertisement. Consider these techniques currently employed by savvy Internet-users to make sure that your aerial advertising efforts are a success. 1. Consider Using Emoticons Read More»

Marketing Tips: The Importance Of Content In Lead Generation

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When you run a home based business leads, proper marketing strategies are important. This includes generating leads. Web readers have a tendency to skim over content, so formatting is just as important as the length and quality of content you submit. With that in mind, it is vital that you appeal to web readers and your target audience when you are creating content for lead generation purposes. Have Relevant Content Read More»

Grow Your Business With Content Marketing

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Content marketing is a type of Internet marketing that relies solely on the content. It attracts customers based on interesting and valuable content, such as blog posts, articles, videos and more. The various types of media utilized in content marketing is exactly what sets it apart from article marketing. Both are used as an effective marketing strategy for expanding your business. Make the Content Shareable One of the most important factors about content marketing is that it is shareable. Read More»