Got a New Business? Find Out the Best Marketing Strategies

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Why You Might Want To Use A Lead Service As A Real Estate Agent

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As a real estate agent, you likely take pride in forming a strong bond with your clients that can pay off in repeat business years into the future. The problem for some real estate agents though, is that this is how every other agent in the business operates as well. This means that it can sometimes be hard to find brand new clients because a lot of people want to stick with the real estate agent they already know. Read More»

Using Scenting In Your Business For Ambiance

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Businesses often work hard to create a specific feel and atmosphere for the client or customers. One way that you can do this in your business by using a commercial scent diffuser system in the HVAC system to dispense a specific scent throughout the business.  Scent Diffusers Several systems are available on the market to create specific scents in your business space. Stand-alone scent units are a good option ina small space and allow you to turn them on or off as you need to. Read More»

Deciding Which CPA Newsletter Service to Use

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One of the ways that your accounting firm can keep in contact (and thus stay current in the minds of) clients is to release a regular newsletter. Many of these are done via email now, so they are unobtrusive and do not create more paper products for your clients to deal with. However, a newsletter takes time and specific skills that people in your accounting firm may not have. Using a newsletter service takes care of many of these issues. Read More»

Frequently Asked Questions About Direct Mail Retargeting

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If you have an online presence, you may be constantly looking for ways to market your website and gain clientele. Many marketing methods are oversaturated, which is why it is so important to change it up and look for new methods or methods that you have not yet used. One of the methods that may help your online website is direct mail retargeting. This method is not a method that many businesses or websites are familiar with. Read More»

Seven Marketing Strategies For Branding Your Cannabis Company

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The cannabis industry is breaking ground widely and competition is tough. Marketing is key in fostering trust and loyalty in today’s cannabis industry, as well as in building and growing a business from the ground up. Seven strategies when marketing your cannabis-related company are: 1. Get the word out on social media. Don’t overlook social media when marketing your cannabis company. Today’s consumer is present on social media, and reinforcing your website with profiles on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can expand and increase your following exponentially. Read More»

How To Promote Your Charity Affordably With Postcards

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You have a charity and an upcoming event. The more people you can get to attend your function, the more awareness you can create for your charity and possibly raise even more money. Your budget isn’t large for marketing, but you do have a small amount of money set aside to reach out to your local community. Tried and true old-fashioned marketing techniques are often both effective and cost-effective. Here are ways you can affordably promote your charity so your function can be more successful. Read More»