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3 Professional Ideas For Employee Gift Baskets

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If you are looking for a professional and classy type of gift to give to your top employees at your next business meeting, you could make each one a small gift basket containing essential office supplies they will love and treasure. Here are three ideas of items you could place in these gift baskets that your employees will truly appreciate.

Name Plate

The first item to consider giving each employee is a personalized name plate for their desks. Name plates come in many types, including wood and metal, and you can have them personalized with their names. A name plate not only looks nice sitting on a desk, but it also shows class and professionalism.

If desired, you could also have your company's name or logo engraved on each of the name plates. The downside to this is that your employees would not be able to use them if they left your company.

Executive Pens

An executive pen is the type of pen you often see prominent officials using to sign documents. Executive pens look very professional, but they also write really well. You could choose from fountain pens, ballpoint pens, or roller pens, but you should try to find a type that offers flawless writing.

Another nice feature of executive pens is that they can be customized. You could have the employees' names engraved on the pens, or you could order more generalized pens that say the name of your company.

In addition, you could look for pens that come in boxes or cases, or you could choose pens that come with holders. A holder is something that typically sits on a desk, and it allows a permanent place to store the pen when it is not being used.

Professional Note Pad

A third component you could add to the gift baskets is a professional notepad. Professional notepads come in hundreds of sizes, types, and styles, and here are some of the options you might want to choose:

  • Sticky pads – Many office workers rely on the use of sticky pads. These are great to use for writing reminder notes or for marking important pages on business reports.
  • Personalized notepads – Another option is to purchase small notepads that contain the names of the employees. This would allow each of them to have their very own notepad to use.
  • Organizer books – Another option to consider is giving each employee a small organizer book to use. This could be useful as a calendar for the upcoming year, or you could give them books they could use for organizing business cards, important notes, or other types of documents.

Giving your employees gifts is a great way to let them know you appreciate them. Small gift baskets filled with stationary gifts is a useful, practical, and personal way to show your gratitude. To learn more about the items you could give your employees, contact a business that offers promotional products.