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Four Things You Can Do With Unsold Tickets To Your Sporting Events

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If you are interested in getting more people to visit your local sporting events, you need to properly manage the tickets for the events. There are many sporting entities who make the mistake of only selling their tickets. This is not always a good idea because it can limit the audience that follows the teams and can cause you to miss out on new sports fans. The following guide walks you through a few ways to use some of the extra tickets that you have to sporting events to ensure that all of the seats are full at every game.

Consider a Contest

If you want to get rid of extra tickets to your sporting events, consider having a contest. Have people like and share social media posts about the teams to enter a contest to win tickets to the games. This allows your team to be promoted on social media without losing any money that you would not have lost anyway because the tickets would have gone to waste if you did not use them for the contest.

Donate Tickets to Charites

There are many charities that do raffles, auctions, and bingos to raise money for their charities. The next time a charity is conducting one of these events, consider donating tickets to the charity event. You could donate as many or as few tickets as you choose.

Donate Tickets to Local High Schools

Teens who are doing great in school should be rewarded for their hard work and dedication to their academics. Consider donating some extra tickets to local high schools to reward teens who are on the honor roll. Be sure to donate an even number of tickets so each teen can take a parent with them to the game.

Donate Tickets to the Armed Forces

The members of the armed forces work hard to defend our country and a great way to show appreciation for their effort is to donate tickets to the local branches of the armed forces. The officers can choose who can get the tickets and you could even choose to recognize those members when they came to the game if you wanted to show even more appreciation for their commitment to protecting freedom.

When the stands are full, it can boost the morale of players and get the fans even more involved in the game. Donating the unsold tickets to various entities is often tax deductible and allows your sports teams to show support and love to the community, which could boost ticket sales in the future.

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