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Seven Marketing Strategies For Branding Your Cannabis Company

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The cannabis industry is breaking ground widely and competition is tough. Marketing is key in fostering trust and loyalty in today's cannabis industry, as well as in building and growing a business from the ground up.

Seven strategies when marketing your cannabis-related company are:

1. Get the word out on social media.

Don't overlook social media when marketing your cannabis company. Today's consumer is present on social media, and reinforcing your website with profiles on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can expand and increase your following exponentially.

2. Pinpoint your target market.

You will need to identify your target market so that you can best appeal to their sensibilities and get them to consider buying your product or service. By narrowing the field of who your average patron is, you will best find how to reach them, i.e., via a website, print media, television, or radio.

3. Clarify your mission statement.

Make sure to clarify and reinforce your mission statement. Depending on what you do, this may belong on your logo or company letterhead, but it is something that represents your business, and as such, it should be fine-tuned and powerful. This is a message that tells the world what you aim to do.

4. Create solidarity.

Create a sense of solidarity; demonstrate that your staff is invested in what they do, and give customers something that makes them care about your company, as well. This might be a discount or gift for referrals or perhaps a customer-appreciation event where you give promotional products or discounts for your patrons. Cultivate loyalty by rewarding your loyal customers.

5. Sell more than a product.

Many marketing strategists encourage that when you market or advertise, you sell a lifestyle and not just a product. In the case of cannabis products, reinforce that consumers buy quality goods from like-minded individuals; who wouldn't want to buy your product? Relate to the customer and build rapport through a casual, conversational tone in your marketing materials.

6. Don't underestimate your logo.

Your cannabis logo is key in fostering familiarity and building a sense of trust in the products that you sell. The first thing to do is to create a logo and use it across the board, in your advertising, signage, promotional products, and packaging.

7. Get to know the law.

Before you begin your marketing campaigns, familiarize yourself with the laws governing your region and the use and advertising of cannabis products. There is still a lot of gray area in terms of the law; make sure that you are on the right side of it to ensure a healthy and hassle-free future for your company.

Consider these seven marketing strategies when you are branding and building your cannabis company. Reach out to a marijuana branding agency for marketing and design information as needed.