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Using Scenting In Your Business For Ambiance

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Businesses often work hard to create a specific feel and atmosphere for the client or customers. One way that you can do this in your business by using a commercial scent diffuser system in the HVAC system to dispense a specific scent throughout the business. 

Scent Diffusers

Several systems are available on the market to create specific scents in your business space.

Stand-alone scent units are a good option ina small space and allow you to turn them on or off as you need to. They allow a quick and easy change of the scent in the machine so you can change the scent in the business quickly. But because they are smaller, they do have limitations, and the scent bottle typically needs changing more often in these small machines.

HVAC systems are installed in the air ventilation system so that the scent produced but the machine carries through the entire space. The systems are larger, hold more scent, and often have timers on them so they only run when the business is open. This saves wear and tear on the system as well as saving you money by not using scent when no one is in the space.

These systems provide a scent without residue and many of them work with cold air so they can diffuse scent with either the air conditioning or the heat running. 

Marketing with Scents

There are many applications for scent machines and marketing is one of the uses you might not have considered. Often, controlling the scent in a specific space can influence people or attract them to the business. A shop that sells baking equipment might want to scent the shop with a fresh sugar cookie smell, or a car dealer may want that new-car smell to permeate the showroom. 

Smell is one of the senses that can influence people in a big way. Often, the way a place smells changes the way you feel about it. A store that smells old or musty is not as comfortable as one that smells fresh and clean. 

Creating a Pleasant Environment

Sometimes, adding a scent to the air has very little to do with marketing and more to do with creating a pleasant workspace. A company with a lot of employees working in an office may want to add a light, pleasant scent to the air just to create an upbeat or happy environment for people to work in. You might even consider letting the employees pick the scent and change it often so it stays fresh.