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Two Reasons Why People Should Use Giant Advertising Inflatables To Market Their Businesses

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If a business owner has only ever used traditional forms of outdoor ads (like billboards and advertorial vehicle wraps) when marketing their enterprise, then they should try using giant advertising inflatables. Carry on reading and discover why.

Huge inflatables can often attract more attention than other types of outdoor ads

One of the many perks of using advertising inflatables for marketing purposes is that these objects tend to garner more attention than other outdoor ads. There are a few reasons why inflatables are so eye-catching. The first is that they are almost constantly moving. Even a gentle breeze will cause these air-filled objects to sway around. This matters, as giant moving objects tend to catch people's eye more so than immobile ones. In short, when someone sees a huge, swaying inflatable out of the corner of their eye, they'll be more likely to take a second glance and check out what it is advertising.

The second reason is that inflatables come in almost any shape a business owner can dream up (for example, they can be made to look like cartoon characters, foods, drinks, or household objects). This is in contrast to billboards, which usually have a rectangular shape that is not necessarily going to immediately capture the interest of anyone (and which, therefore, means that businesses who use billboards for their marketing campaigns are completely reliant on the images and words inside this rectangle to make people stop and take notice). Conversely, because of an advertising inflatable's unusual shape, which is totally unlike that of the rectangular ads most people see dozens of times each day, the public is more likely to pause and take another look at it when they come across this object.

An inflatable is portable

The other reason why business owners should use these inflatables as part of their marketing campaigns is that, despite their enormous and very eye-catching size, they are portable. They can, for example, be moved across short distances in their inflated state quite quickly, if a few people pull the ropes to which they're connected. They can also be moved in their deflated state across longer distances, as they are fairly light and can be folded into a portable size that will allow business owners to transport them in their vehicles.

This means that if a business owner wants to utilize this particular outdoor advertorial object in multiple places (because, for example, they're a publicist who is traveling with a client during their book tour), they can easily do so, whilst still reaping the marketing benefits of using such a gigantic advertisement.

If you're looking for new ways to advertise your business, look into giant advertising inflatables