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Information On Streaming TV Advertising

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More people subscribe to one or more streaming services in order to watch TV rather than having cable or satellite TV. There are many things that help to make streaming services the superior choice. Some reasons include having 24/7 instant access to the shows and movies on the service, the ability to save as much as hundreds a month, and having the capability to watch the shows and movies on any compatible device from any location. Because so many people have already made the switch to streaming services, brands looking to advertise would likely see far better results advertising on a streaming service than they would if they were to advertise on cable. Here is more information on advertising on a streaming service: 

Streaming TV Advertising Is Viewer-Friendly 

Many people use commercial breaks on cable TV to take a bathroom break or to grab a snack or drink from the kitchen because they are so long. This means they aren't even seeing the advertisements in the first place. Even if they do stay in their seat during a commercial break, many immediately mute the commercials because they are so much louder than the show being watched.

Fortunately, the advertisements on streaming TV are nothing like cable commercials. Streaming TV advertisements are generally only around 15 seconds long, at the most. Also, some streaming services even allow the viewer to choose which types of advertisements they prefer to see. Another bonus is the ads on streaming TV aren't uncomfortably loud. These things help these advertisements have higher view rates. 

Advertising on Streaming TV Is More Effective

One of the great things about streaming TV advertising is that this advertising strategy helps the advertisements get in front of the right viewers. Information on viewers, such as their zip code, their viewing history, search histories, preferred ads, and more are used to target the right demographic. 

Another advantage of streaming TV advertising is that the advertisements usually can't be fast-forwarded through. However, the fact that they are so short and there are so few of them makes them much more palatable to viewers. In some cases, viewers can even choose their language preference regarding how they want to see the ads. 


If you are looking for a way to advertise your brand, then you likely want to go with the most effective form of advertising possible. You may find that advertising on one of the most popular streaming services, such as Hulu, would work out well. To find out more about Hulu advertising tactics, contact a local company.